5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook for Students

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook for Students

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Web application includes certain benefits and drawbacks. From this post, you will know the 6 advantages and disadvantages of web application.

Web application includes certain benefits and drawbacks. From this post, you will know the 6 advantages and disadvantages of web application.

People can connect with each other on Facebook, a social networking site, no matter where they are in the globe. Now that it has about 2.7 billion members, it is the most influential social networking platform available.

It is very difficult to locate a modern youngster whose life is not influenced by Facebook. Numerous individuals, of all ages, have already registered on this website. Students are included in this as well.

Students began utilizing Facebook for a variety of objectives, from learning to amusement. Without a doubt, Facebook benefits pupils in a variety of ways. On the other hand, it may also be harmful to them. 


Students will be able to utilize this social networking site without having a detrimental impact on their lives if they are aware of the benefits and drawbacks.

I will focus on the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of Facebook for Students in this essay. Students will learn about the pros and cons of utilizing Facebook thanks to this post.

Now let's get started,

Advantages of Facebook for Students

1. Connecting

You may connect with students anywhere in the world using Facebook. You can maintain contact with your loved ones no matter where you are in the world. Students can use it to communicate with educational institutions and their peers.

Talking with pen pals who share similar interests may frequently be entertaining for many teenagers. Some students even use conversing with foreigners from other countries to improve their language skills.

2. Information

Facebook is the most popular platform on which users frequently share information. The same is applicable to educational settings as well. Through Facebook groups, kids may communicate with their peers and share information. Students discuss examinations, homework, and assignments in this group.

Schools are able to create a Facebook page and provide updates for their kids on a regular basis. As an illustration, they might notify the pupils whenever the schools are open or closed.

3. News

Students no longer need to turn on the television to watch news or read morning newspapers like our elders did. Students only need to follow a Facebook page to get the most recent headlines and news. 


International news agencies offer a variety of news pages with up-to-date information on the most recent events worldwide. These pages offer real-time news updates from their home nations to those across the globe.

Despite the abundance of websites and apps available for this purpose, many students find Facebook to be persuasive.

4. Talent Expression

Students can use Facebook as a platform to display their academic achievements as well as other talents. It might be a means of revealing your latent abilities. 


Students can, for instance, set up a Facebook page where they showcase their photographic abilities. Alternately, upload footage of them dancing and singing so that the public can see them.

5. Career Opportunities

The finest profession options for their profile will be found by students with higher education or comparable credentials. Facebook adverts are posted by universities worldwide in an effort to attract new students to their curricula.

It also assists students in locating their ideal employment. Businesses often use Facebook pages to advertise job openings. Students can use these sections to obtain employment offers that match their qualifications.

Disadvantages of Facebook for Students

1. Addiction

Even while Facebook is a great source of news and information, students' education may suffer as a result of using the social media platform.

It's well known that Facebook is an extremely addictive network. Numerous features, such chat, stories, and newsfeeds, can entice users to spend more time on it. The excessive use of this kind has the potential to negatively impact pupils' ability to concentrate on their studies.

2. Anti-Social

The majority of youngsters who use Facebook are more focused on their personal lives. They could neglect to engage with the actual world in their haste to gain more friends and followers.

Some teenagers have mentioned that they spend hours on social media and never have time to spend with family. This will undoubtedly affect our relationships with our family and the folks we hang out with. 


Excessive use of any social media platform might turn us against other people.

3. Vulgarity

Plagiarism is not entirely absent from Facebook. Teenagers in particular may be exposed to such vulgarities without their parents' knowledge or consent. 


Despite Facebook's best efforts to stop obscene content, certain sites and groups continue to encourage violence and disseminate adult content.

Students may inadvertently become aware of it even if they don't actively look for it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to protect their kids from such vulgarities.

4. Cyber-Bullying

Additionally, some students experience cyber-bullying on Facebook. Online harassment can involve the same kinds of racial, religious, and body-shaming abuses that occur in communities and institutions. Children are more frequently exposed to various forms of harassment than adults are.


Facebook does, however, provide some alternatives for handling these circumstances, including banning, unfriending, and reporting the offending individual. Many kids don't know about these resources.

5. Health Concerns

Excessive use of Facebook, like other social networking sites, can have a number of detrimental effects on a student's health. Obesity is one example of this. 


What do people expect from spending so much time in front of a computer and eschewing exercise? They will therefore undoubtedly put on a few pounds. Prolonged engagement in these kinds of activities may result in obesity.

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