5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google

A more sophisticated version of public libraries are search engines. The fact that we can easily access all information thanks to search engines is a big advantage. Stated differently, the method of retrieving information has undergone a revolution.

One such well-known search engine that is utilized by people worldwide is Google. Over 70% of queries conducted globally are conducted through the Google search engine alone. which, when measured against other competitors like Yahoo and Bing, is enormous. 

The fact that Google's functionality and interface are so user-friendly is one of the main reasons why so many people favor it. Even with its enormous popularity, Google is not perfect. To succeed in the digital marketing sector, especially for online content providers, one must be well-versed in the advantages and disadvantages of this search engine.

I'll be examining the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Google | Drawbacks & Benefits of Google. You will understand the pros and cons of Google from this post.

Now let's get started,

Advantages of Google

1. Accuracy

What sets Google apart from other search engines is its accuracy. Google often distributes updates with the goal of enhancing its algorithms. Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird are a few of these improvements. Thus, consumers may anticipate the best results for nearly all search keywords.

Additionally, Google observes user behavior to improve its accuracy even more. A webpage will move up in the search results if it gets more clicks than the other.

2. Academic Research

The Google search engine is not limited to using webpages. There is a different search engine called Google Scholar specifically for academic research. One online search engine that offers access to academic literature is Google Scholar. 


Academic publications, patents, theses, and dissertations are all included in this. In essence, it is a more trustworthy information source than a standard Google search.

3. Free Books

This feature is also available in the books tab if the search is limited to the eBooks category. All of the eBook versions that are currently available are included in the Google Books category. 


For the most part, previewing these eBooks is permitted. Nevertheless, a few of the pages are purposefully left blank.

4. Filtering Options

To expedite the search process and obtain the most precise results, there are advanced filtering options available. This function is accessible through the tools option in desktop versions. 


Users can search by a language, time period, and type of results using the tools feature. Users will be able to select their preferred language, for instance, to limit the results to only that language.

However, since half of the content is only available in English, Google's richest experience is only visible in that language.

5. Direct Results

The user experience is further improved by Featured Snippets, a new feature that Google implemented. The solutions to a few common questions are provided directly on the search result pages. Users get results from the top web pages directly, without having to click on any links. 

Disadvantages of Google

1. Reduced CTR

Not all of Google's capabilities are helpful to bloggers. It is well recognized that some features, such as featured snippets, significantly lower webpage CTR. 


People who have already figured out the answers from the highlighted excerpts are unlikely to return to the website to read more. This has a significant impact on webpage click-through rates.

2. Site Penalization

Google's top priority is constantly giving its users the best search results possible. It does this by periodically releasing updates that include certain modifications to its algorithms. 


Regretfully, sites that violate Google criteria may face penalties as a result of these modifications. Using black hat SEO strategies is one such case.

Each of these improvements affects a large number of blog owners. When this occurs, the website may see a decline in traffic or, in the worst situation, Google may remove the webpage entirely. 

3. Image and Video Searches

Compared to its standard article searches, Google's image and video searches are not as efficient. In particular, there is poor optimization for video searches. For example, the outcomes resemble those of a typical search. 


In several aspects, image searches are also deficient. Google's image results are of poor quality. 



4. Privacy Concerns

The majority of Google's revenue comes from advertising. One crucial component on which Google depends is data collection. Any information you give a website is simultaneously gathered by Google. 


In addition to being utilized for advertising, Google uses these data to enhance its algorithm. Consequently, the privacy is not maintained.

5. Reward System

As a thank you for using their service, rival search engines like Bing provide their consumers frequent prizes. This tactic is one that Bing employs to get more people. Nevertheless, Google doesn't have this kind of incentive program. 


Since Google is already more well-known, they don't rely on any strategies to grow its user base. But this is still a drawback for the populace. 

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