5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework


One kind of open-source framework that has Model View Controller (MVC) is called Laravel. Since it's open source, a lot of people have contributed to its advancement. All in all, it guarantees the delivery of superior applications.

Without a doubt, Laravel is a tool made to make the development process easier. It has a ton of functionality by default, which greatly streamlines and simplifies the development process. in order to ensure that your development time has been shortened. Even with all of its advantages, Laravel isn't the best option for everyone. 

Like other frameworks, Laravel has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Before using it to create your web application, these factors need to be taken into account.

I will discuss the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Laravel Framework | Drawbacks & Benefits of Laravel Framework in this article. You'll learn about the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing Laravel from this post.

Now let's get started,

Advantages of Laravel Framework

1. Security

Several authentication and permission techniques are used by Laravel to guard against any kind of unwanted access. Thus, all of the data that Laravel uses is safe and secure. 


Additionally, Laravel encrypts the password protection in a manner akin to WhatsApp. Never are passwords kept directly in the database.

2. Documentation

The Laravel framework is available in all versions and includes extensive documentation. This page contains information about coding techniques, styles, and classes.


Laravel is a framework that is developer-friendly because of these kinds of documents.

3. PHP Compatibility

The Laravel framework natively supports the most recent versions of PHP. Consequently, PHP may be updated and given new functionality. 


Namespaces, overloading, and anonymous functions are a few of them. Developers using Laravel are permitted to use them directly, in contrast to other frameworks.

4. Code Reusability

Reusing code is possible with Laravel by using the package editing method. For instance, you can alter the pages to include more functionality. 


The modified packages can be applied to the application multiple times. This guarantees that customizing the projects will be simple.

5. Community Support

Laravel's open source nature added to its appeal. A lot of people got to work improving it. 


When you run into issues with this product, the vast developer community is here to assist you. There are numerous community forums and specialized websites for this purpose.

Disadvantages of Laravel Framework

1. Learning Curve

Even with its extensive documentation, Laravel can be too much for the typical user to handle. Working with Laravel in its early stages can be challenging if there are a lot of documents at initially. 


To learn how to use this framework, users must complete a variety of training courses. Additionally, the object orientation rules are used in the construction of the framework. 


As a result, you need to understand object orientation and MVC design before utilizing Laravel.

2. Framework Upgrades

Like other PHP frameworks, Laravel also has issues with version upgrades. It is known that some changes cause Laravel to stop working. 


There may be project disruptions as a result of this. Therefore, before updating a website or application, developers must pay attention.

3. Technical Expertise

Numerous automatic elements in Laravel may contribute to the framework's ease of use. However, there are more intricate details that not everyone can comprehend. 


Thus, the industry is constantly lacking in qualified Laravel developers.

4. Composer Strength

Installing and maintaining dependencies is the purpose of Composed in Laravel. Although composer is supported by Laravel, it is not as robust as one might like. 


Particularly in contrast to other frameworks like Ruby gems, pip, and npm. The majority of inexperienced developers find this framework challenging to work with.

5. Payment Method

A payment function is not natively supported by Laravel. Using framework libraries is the only way for developers to incorporate a payment mechanism. 


Including payment processors like Stripe and PayPal could help to temporarily resolve the problem. 


You can opt to use a different framework with a third-party payment processor if the procedure is too onerous.

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