5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube for Students

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube for Students

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube for Students

YouTube is a platform that was founded in 2005 and offers the ability to watch, produce, and share videos. It is a publicly accessible webpage. Students are included in this as well.

As schooling has grown, using YouTube to learn has become increasingly common. All of the study-related videos, ranging from preschool to higher education, are accessible on YouTube. The abundance of how-to tutorials, in particular, enables technology-enhanced learning.

Regardless of age or gender, using YouTube has numerous advantages. YouTube lessons aren't perfect, though. YouTube has a lot of benefits as well, depending on how you plan to utilize it. Examining these essential elements is a prerequisite before utilizing this platform for academic purposes.

I'll be discussing the 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube for Students | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube for Students in this article. You will learn about the pros and cons of YouTube for kids from this post.

Now let's get started,

Advantages of YouTube for Students

1. Improved Learning

Students have access to YouTube as a learning resource. These movies are useful for students who like to work with visual aids. Academics from around the globe post study-related films on YouTube. 


For this reason, YouTube has several videos for the same course so that students can select the one that works best for them. Step-by-step instructions are included in YouTube videos to help with specific problems, making them easy to follow.

2. Remote Access

So long as the pupils have an internet connection, YouTube is a platform that is accessible around-the-clock. This is particularly helpful when a pandemic like COVID-19 strikes and social distance is required.

Similarly, educators are not restricted to a particular place in order to post a video. Because of this, YouTube is a great resource for distance learning.

3. Cost Savings

The entire YouTube platform is free to use. It doesn't require any form of purchase or subscription fee (unless it's a Premium version). Furthermore, a Google account is not required. Consequently, students don't have to worry about costs when taking use of this chance to study.

4. Stress Relief

Students can see entertainment-related videos on YouTube in addition to studying. YouTube offers videos from gaming, music, and other things. It is a good place to get amusement. Students who are frequently stressed out by their schoolwork should watch these movies to decompress.

5. Talent Expression

Another platform for pupils to display their skills is YouTube. They can upload their own videos to YouTube and get fame, whether it's for fun or education.

Students can make money from their YouTube channels by using advertising networks like Google AdSense. Numerous YouTubers have achieved financial success despite having zero subscribers when they first began their quest.


Disadvantages of YouTube for Students

1. Individualism

YouTube does not allow for face-to-face contact between students and teachers, in contrast to Google Duo and Zoom Apps. YouTube just encourages self-reliance.

Although this may have some advantages in terms of privacy, there may also be disadvantages. Pupils are deprived of the opportunity to practice collaborative problem-solving and team building.

2. Vulgarity

YouTube is a well-known free website that doesn't limit users' ability to upload videos. As a result, some videos have graphic and violent content. Some YouTube videos are inappropriate for younger audiences, especially for teenagers. 


The kids could see these materials even without any cautions. However, parents can protect their kids from such content by setting up a parental block.

3. Reliability

YouTube does not always host credible videos. A few videos are posted purely for commercial purposes. Furthermore, not all of the well-liked videos include accurate information. 


Students must therefore invest some time in conducting research using the videos that have accurate information about the subject.

4. Internet Access

The entire YouTube educational process depends on an internet connection. If there is no way to access the internet, there is no way to access the YouTube study materials. 


Furthermore, watching videos for an extended period of time may use a lot of cellular data. Not every student will have the financial means to purchase this much info.

5. Advertisements

Since YouTube is a free platform, users' only means of earning revenue is through the display of advertisements. When accessing YouTube, pupils could run into a lot of annoying adverts. 


Some commercials are so long that they don't even have a skip button. Furthermore, not every advertisement that appears is pertinent to the provided content.

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