5 Ways to Fix Unable To Connect To Server

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5 Ways to Fix Unable To Connect To Server

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5 Ways to Fix Unable To Connect To Server

The computer system's servers house the files and directories that are kept for later access. Some businesses even save their business data on servers. Usually, you can access these files whenever you need to.

As a result of avoiding knowledge loss, productivity gradually increases. Similarly, it can be considered truanting if you are unable to connect to the server.

You can't access a server for a number of reasons these days. That could be the result of a real server issue or a problem with the internet connection. But you can attempt certain troubleshooting procedures to check if it establishes a connection with the server.

I'll be talking about the 5 Ways to Fix Unable To Connect To Server in this article. To solve this issue, try each of the methods listed below one at a time.

Now let's get started, 

1. Check Internet Connection

If your computer has an unreliable or inadequate internet connection, it may occasionally be unable to establish a connection with the server. 


Therefore, you must verify that your computer is genuinely linked to the internet and that the networking hardware—the router, for example—is operational. By connecting multiple devices to the same network, you can inspect the networking device.

Furthermore, data transfer will be problematic if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't offer enough bandwidth. In this specific case, the problem can only be fixed by the ISP.

2. Restart Device

Restarting the device by itself might sometimes fix this problem. Although the specific cause of its effectiveness is unknown, this method has been shown to solve practically all computer issues.


 So, it makes sense to give it a shot for this as well. Try restarting the computer after closing the error and rerunning the application to see if it still functions.

3. Verify the Time and Date Settings

This problem of not being able to connect to the server might also be caused by an incorrect date and time. As a result, you must confirm that the date and time on your computer are accurate. The control panel menu provides access to these configurations.

In addition, remember to verify the time zone of your computer. It is still worthwhile to manually verify time zones, even if the computer identifies them when it connects to the internet.

4. Disable Firewall

Some firewalls are made to limit user access to the server. Therefore, you must either modify the firewall's settings or disable it. You can make sure that the firewall isn't preventing access to the server by performing this. In the end, this will create connections to the server.

5. Restart Router

An intermittent issue with the router may be the cause of the "unable to connect to server" problem. Therefore, all it requires to function properly is a quick restart. 


Restarting the router via disconnecting and replugging it from the power source is the recommended method. This problem might be fixed with a simple restart.

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