6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Computer | Drawbacks & Benefits of Micro Computer

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Computer | Drawbacks & Benefits of Micro Computer

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Computer | Drawbacks & Benefits of Micro Computer

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Computer | Drawbacks & Benefits of Micro Computer


Micro Computer: What is it?

All that a micro computer is is a modern personal computer. A few more instances of microcomputers are tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Usually, it has a keyboard, mouse, screen, and CPU. A micro processor, found in microcomputers, is where processing is done.

Where are Micro Computers utilized ?

It is practically universally utilized in homes and offices nowadays. They are not as efficient as a mainframe or a supercomputer, though. This gadget has numerous advantages, but it isn't perfect. Like any other technical equipment, a micro computer has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

I will be discussing the 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Micro Computer | Drawbacks & Benefits of Micro Computer in this essay. You will learn about the pros and cons of utilizing a micro computer from this page.

Now let's get started,

Advantages of Micro Computer

1. Cost

Additionally, micro computers are far less expensive. Common purpose micro computers are so much less expensive that they are within the reach of all. Nevertheless, not every micro computer model is affordable. Some have better specifications, but buying them will cost users several thousand dollars.

2. Maintenance

All aspects of micro computer maintenance are reasonably simple. It takes little effort to handle and operate both software and hardware. Actually, a lot of users troubleshoot PC issues on their own without help. Users may easily repair any defective hardware by opening the case.

3. Information

A micro computer with an internet connection may access a wealth of data on a wide range of topics. Students in particular can use microcomputers to increase their knowledge. Everything you need to know, whether for general knowledge or study, is easily accessible online.

4. Connectivity

Micro computers enable users to communicate with others worldwide through the internet. There are several methods available for this, including email, chat apps, and phone and video conversations. 


Facebook and other social networking sites are one example of a connectivity portal.

5. Portability

Micro computer's small size makes them incredibly portable. A micro computer is small enough to be transported from one place to another, unlike older computers that take up a whole room.

6. Flexibility

A micro computer can be used for a wide variety of activities, such as playing games, viewing movies, listening to music, and surfing the internet. It has the ability to multitask as a result.



Disadvantages of Micro Computer

1. Performance

Low power CPUs are found in the majority of micro computers. Their performance is therefore usually lower than that of a mainframe computer as well as a super computer. 


For instance, you are unable to run intensive applications that demand a large amount of processing power or play sophisticated games.

2. Security

A micro computer with an internet connection is open to several security risks. It doesn't provide very powerful defense. Information can be easily stolen from your computer by any hacker or invader. Otherwise, a virus might harm the crucial files in multiple ways.

3. Storage Capacity

Micro computers typically have less storage space. Therefore, customers have two options if they need to increase their storage: they can buy an external drive or customize their PC.

4. Addiction

A micro computer's entertainment possibilities increase its addictiveness. These alternatives include playing video games on the computer, surfing the internet, and using social networking sites. 


A micro computer at home may make the addiction worse. Students in particular may become sidetracked from their studies and lose focus on their academics.

5. Inappropriate Content

The internet is teeming with unsuitable content that isn't acceptable for everyone. The government may impose restrictions on a number of these contents. Intentional or inadvertent exposure to such materials can readily introduce kids to risky behavior.

6. Health Concerns

Extended use of micro computers can lead to a number of medical issues, including headaches, shoulder, neck, and back pain. 


Additionally, as sitting in a chair all day neglects physical activity, this can frequently result in obesity as well. In addition, the majority of users experience eye strain from constantly gazing at a computer screen.

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