Fix The System has Halted | Hardware Malfunction

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Fix The System has Halted | Hardware Malfunction

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Fix The System has Halted | Hardware Malfunction


A common issue that occurs when trying to boot the computer is ''Hardware Malfunction | The System has halted,'' according to numerous customers. Normally, this error appears when there is damage to a hardware component.

Usually, this problem occurs suddenly when you are utilizing the system. Nevertheless, there are a few troubleshooting techniques that can be applied to resolve this mistake.

I'll be talking about how to Fixing The System has Halted | Hardware Malfunction in this article. To fix this issue, try the methods listed below.

Now let's get started,

1. Examine RAM

Additionally, you should confirm that every RAM module that is installed on your computer is in good working order. 


Therefore, replacing the RAM can easily resolve the problem. You must use a memory test tool in order to determine which RAM is malfunctioning. Replace the defective RAM as soon as you've determined what it is.

2. Remove Adapter

Your computer's installed network adapter may be the cause of the issue. It is therefore preferable to get rid of any extra network adapters. It is advised to eliminate each one individually and to start again afterward. 


Replace the defective network adapter with a new one if the error does not show up after you remove it.

3. Upgrade BIOS

Verifying that the machine is running with the default BIOS settings is another crucial step in fixing the "system has halted" error. BIOS can be reset to its original state and made error-free again by restarting it with the default settings.


Depending on the hardware type and motherboard design, this procedure may change.

4. Restart in Safe mode

Sometimes the "system has halted" problem can be resolved only by restarting the computer in safe mode. 


When you boot up your computer in safe mode, you can be sure that only a select few applications and the most basic drivers are loaded. Safe mode cannot be used to run startup applications.

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