5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising


According to studies, around one-third of all internet users come via YouTube. It is hard to overlook YouTube when it comes to advertising given its marketing potential. It is possible to set up an Adwords campaign on YouTube, just like on a Google Channel. If not, you'll be able to make money off of your own YouTube channel.

Should the companies attempting to market their goods believe your films to be pertinent, they are welcome to use your channel to advertise them. You may have seen a YouTube advertising at some point in your life if you have been using the platform. Advertisements on YouTube and other platforms are more persuasive to businesses, especially those that are smaller, than traditional radio and television commercials.

Similar to Google Search Console, you may target certain audiences with your YouTube video by adding keywords. Your videos will be found by viewers via recommendations, search, and home. However, there are several hazards associated with advertising on YouTube. Before using this platform for advertising, keep these dangers in mind.

I will be looking at 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising | Drawbacks & Benefits of YouTube Advertising in this blog. You will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of YouTube advertising from this post.

Now let's get started, 

Advantages of YouTube Advertising

1. Cost

The way YouTube advertising functions is similar to a PPC campaign. In other words, advertisers only have to pay if a visitor clicks on their advertisement. 


This is thought to be very cost-effective because the advertisers won't be spending a lot of money on PPC advertisements. 


The choice of how much to pay for an advertisement is completely up to the marketers. Furthermore, there are no costs associated with advertising space.

2. Time

A visitor to YouTube typically spends more time there on average than they do on other advertising-supported websites. 


There will be greater opportunities for visitors to direct their attention toward advertisements as a result of this extended session duration. With regard to mobile devices, this rate is considerably higher.

3. Reach

Many people have utilized YouTube for anything from commerce to entertainment to education. It's become the go-to platform for consumers to watch videos. 


YouTube has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide. It is anticipated that the number of users would rise in the next years. 


Your adverts will have a higher chance of reaching their target audience because of this large number.

4. Targeting

It is vital for an advertising to show their ads to the appropriate kind of people rather than to the overall public. 


With its targeting features, YouTube may reach users based on keywords, categories, placements, and other demographics like age, gender, and geography. To put it briefly, you will choose who sees your advertisements.

5. Tracking

Users of YouTube can monitor the performance of their ads and videos. For instance, Analytics, a feature on YouTube, can be utilized to learn more about visitors and their actions. 


Analyzing the performance of an advertisement can also be done through a Google Ads account. 


You may find out all the information about expenses, views, and budget by using a Google AdWords account. 


Disadvantages of YouTube Advertising

1. Control

The advertising on YouTube is completely out of control. Users are no longer able to choose which videos their advertisements will play before. 


Additionally, there is no assurance that the advertisements will be relevant to the videos. Occasionally, the commercials might be entirely irrelevant to your brands.

2. User Category

While targeting offers numerous benefits for YouTube advertising, there are drawbacks as well. There are some shortcomings with YouTube targeting. 


Even if you get to pick who sees your advertising, it still depends on the categories that users choose. 


The user's chosen category might not match the submitted videos, making it challenging to target YouTube advertising in that case.

3. Ad-Bypass

The most common kind of YouTube advertisement that is seen by all is shown for a mere five seconds. 


Following this time frame, viewers will be able to skip the advertisement by clicking the skip button. Given the short time frame, advertisers ought to be able to sell their brands in under five seconds. 


This is solely dependent on the advertisers' marketing plan. In this brief time, the advertisers have the opportunity to turn viewers into customers if they are competent enough. 

You may also afford to choose for unskippable advertisements that last 15 to 20 seconds. Nevertheless, as it could irritate your audience, this is typically not advised.

4. Auction

When using YouTube advertising, there is always an auction involved for keywords. which implies that for some keywords, you must compete with other bidders. 


The bidding may be expensive depending on the keywords. 


In the event that someone bids higher than you, your advertising may appear lower in search results.

5. Sales Conversion

YouTube advertisements have extremely low sales conversion rates. The majority of people who frequently watch YouTube videos just ignore the adverts. 


When advertisements occur in a YouTube video, about 65% of viewers choose to skip them, according to data analysis. 


There is a guarantee of a sales click even if the viewers make it through the entire advertisement.

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