Fix 512 Chassis Fan Not Detected

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Fix 512 Chassis Fan Not Detected

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Fix 512 Chassis Fan Not Detected


An alert system is included into Intel motherboards to notify users when a fan fails. The majority of PCs have both front and back fans. Should an issue arise with any of these, your system will indicate the fault.

'' 512-Chassis fan not detected ''

It is not advised, even though you can temporarily turn off the error notice. Because of the potential for internal system heat buildup, this should be treated seriously.

I will be discussing how to Fix 512 Chassis Fan Not Detected in this article. Try applying these two techniques to successfully fix this problem. 

Now let's get started,

1. Define Fan Speed

Temperature sensors are included with every motherboard version. When the temperature inside the CPU rises above a certain point, this sensor signals the fans. 


There's a good probability the fan won't be detected by the system if the fan settings are configured such that it should only run at high temperatures. 


As a result, you have to adjust the BIOS settings so that the fans always run at maximum speed.

2. Replace Chassis Fan

You might also try swapping out the chassis fan. Most computer stores have chassis fans readily available for a lower price. 


It is necessary to locate one that adheres to the computer case. 


Nonetheless, the fan's wires must be correctly linked to the PSU and motherboard header. If not, you'll see the same error message.

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