Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined

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Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined

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Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined


One item that charges the battery in your laptop is an AC adapter. It is what allows laptops to be mobile. However, a lot of people have recently reported experiencing an error that is related to the AC adaptor. That is the situation.

'' The AC power adapter type and wattage cannot be determined ''

It's really typical for those who use Dell laptops. You might also notice the symptoms of a slow machine in addition to the error message. It's crucial to understand that this error is not, by any means, related to the battery. Actually, you can operate the laptop perfectly fine on a single battery. Although the user has the option to disregard this error, it is not advised because your system could crash at any moment. The best course of action is to troubleshoot this problem.

I'll be talking about how to Fix AC Power Adapter Wattage and Type Cannot be Determined in this article. These fixes will enable you to safely restart your computer.

Now let's get started,

1. Examine AC adapter

Verifying that the AC adapter is functioning properly is the first step towards fixing this problem. 


Using the AC adapter on a comparable computer is a good approach to see if it has any damage. 


The AC adapter is typically irreparable. Changing it out with a new one is the only remaining alternative. 


Make sure the replacement adapter you buy has the same wattage, voltage, and current as the old one before replacing it.

2. Check DC Port

This error may occur if there is damage to the DC input connector that the laptop uses to connect the charger. 


It is advisable to replace them in this state as opposed to attempting to restore it. 


The power board is sometimes sold separately from the motherboard by motherboard makers. 


Consequently, removing the DC power jack is simple. If it is soldered, a soldering iron is required to remove the solder.

3. Make Direct Connections

Occasionally, the laptop's surge protector may be the problem rather than the AC adapter itself. 


Your laptop could not recognize the AC adapter if the surge protector has any short circuits. 


Instead of employing a surge protector in this situation, you can make direct connections to the wall outlet.

4. Verify BIOS

The battery and AC adapter status can both be found via the system BIOS. The F2 key can be used to access the BIOS as soon as the machine boots up. 


Only if it is being recognized will the battery and AC adaptor be mentioned in the BIOS information. 


You should attempt contacting the manufacturer if the AC adapter is connected but is not recognized by the system.

5. Update BIOS

Updating the BIOS has sometimes worked to fix the issue "AC power adapter cannot be determined." 


Since the manufacturer's website has the possibility to bypass this problem, access the system and update the BIOS. You must force update the BIOS if the battery charge is too low.

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