7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 11

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 11

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7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 11

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 11


October 5, 2021 saw the release of Windows 11. Many individuals have been eager to test out this new operating system since its release day. Windows 11 will be available for free download on all PCs running an authentic copy of Windows 10.

Numerous enhancements were added to Windows 11, including enhanced search capabilities and intuitive navigation. This operating system is advised for usage in both personal and professional settings due to its improvements. The operating system's improved performance and stylish look won over many users. 

Some people are having issues, though. The majority of people are unaware of Windows 11's benefits and drawbacks. You should consider the following factors before deciding whether or not to update to this OS.

I'll be discussing the 7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11 | Drawbacks & Benefits of Windows 11 in this article. You will learn about the pros and cons of utilizing Windows 11 from this post.

Now let's get started,

Advantages of Windows 11

1. User Interface

Windows 11's user interface has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. A new starting song and the start button in the taskbar's center give the interface a modern feel. 


In addition, compared to earlier versions, the system tray, icons, and cursors are completely personalized. 


Additionally, you can encounter a lot of transparencies with the glass-style interface, giving it a fascinating appearance. 


Transparency is integrated into the desktop elements in addition to the home page. All in all, Windows 11's user interface is really lovely.

2. Multitasking

With Windows 11, you may group and arrange windows using a feature called Snap Layout. You may handle several desktops and displays in this way. 


Once arranged, you can save the configurations to have Windows remember the layouts on its own. 


In order to avoid having to set up Windows every time, you can quickly transition to custom view in a matter of seconds.

3. Touch Input

The inadequate tablet customisation in Windows 8 is one of the reasons behind its demise. Similar criticism was leveled about Windows 10 for its tablet mode. 


The Windows 11 operating system was now developed with touch input in mind. As a result, touch screens, digital pens, and voice typing work with Windows 11. 


Because of this, Windows 11 can be utilized with smart devices like tablets.

4. Search Bar

Windows 11 has a search feature as well, just like previous iterations. Usually, the type here part has the search option. 


You may use this to search across different applications and settings. Furthermore, improved Windows settings makes this functionality much faster. 


Additionally, the search feature is made easier for users by offering a selection of choices. As the user types their inquiry, automatic suggestions are shown.

5. Gaming Experience

DirectStorage support is a feature that comes preinstalled on next-generation consoles. Similar to the Xbox and PlayStation, Windows 11 has DirectStorage built in. 


Performance for apps that typically handle huge amounts of data is improved via DirectStorage. 


Video games are one such example. This feature speeds up your PC in addition to enhancing gaming performance. 


If you have installed an SSD in place of a conventional hard disk drive, the performance is even better.

6. Microsoft Team App

Preinstalled on every Windows 11 computer is Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Team app is typically visible in the taskbar. It facilitates video conferences with individuals worldwide, much like Zoom. 


The schools will particularly benefit from this. offices and collages that desire distant cooperation. 



7. Android App Support

Windows 11 supports Android apps. To download apps, Windows 11 comes with its own store app. It serves as a substitute for the Google Play Store. 


You may download the majority of Android apps that were available in the Play Store via the Microsoft Store as well. 


Without the need for emulators, you may even install software straight onto this operating system.

Disadvantages of Windows 11

1. System Requirements

You will need a strong PC to get Windows 11 to run at the appropriate levels. For this operating system, a minimum of 4GB of RAM, a processor clocking at least 1 GHz, a graphics card that supports DirectX 12, and a 64GB hard drive space are needed.

Even if your computer satisfies these requirements, it still needs a technology known as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPM 2.0 must be installed on any Windows 11-installing computers. 


These days, certain motherboard models have this chip built in. Should your CPU be older than the sixth generation, this function might be available.

2. Adaptability

This version of Windows 11 sports a few minor design tweaks. It could therefore be challenging for those who upgraded from the previous version to become used to this OS. 


For some users, Windows 11 may include some new features. Thus, before utilizing this operating system, all novice users must take some time to become familiar with it. 


Consult a technical specialist for help if you're interested in learning more about this operating system in-depth.

3. Cortana Absence

As a voice interaction tool, Cortana typically answers questions. It was introduced as a substitute for Alexa and Google Assistant. This was a feature that Windows 10 first introduced. 


However, with Windows 11, the Cortana feature has been completely eliminated from the taskbar. Therefore, Cortana users will need to download and install Cortana individually.

4. Bugs & Glitches

Windows performance can be impacted by bugs and glitches in a number of ways. App crashes, system slowdowns, and malfunctioning hardware devices are a few of these symptoms. 


Microsoft monitors them and releases updates that serve as patches. You must thus put up with these errors and flaws until Microsoft delivers fixes.

5. Taskbar Customization

The taskbar in Windows 11 is not customizable. It is not possible to move the taskbar to any other side of the screen as it was in earlier versions. 


By default, the taskbar remains in the lower middle of the screen. In addition, right-clicking the taskbar no longer opens Task Manager.

6. Feedback Alert

The UI design is integrated with Windows 11. There is an issue with this design notifying users when input is received. 


This will be shown in Windows 7 and 10 as an orange taskbar blink. In Windows 11, there isn't a warning like this one. This alert is not as obvious as it was in previous editions.

7. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting any technical issues this operating system may encounter is not simple. Given that this operating system is new and has sophisticated capabilities, even determining the underlying problem may be challenging. 


You must invest some time in training for minor problems. But if the issue is more serious, you will need professional technical assistance to resolve it.

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