7 Ways to Fix The Exception Unknown Software Exception Occurred in the Application At Location

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7 Ways to Fix The Exception Unknown Software Exception Occurred in the Application At Location

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7 Ways to Fix The Exception Unknown Software Exception Occurred in the Application At Location


When attempting to execute an application, a common error message that appears is "The exception unknown software exception." In addition, it could show up while playing a game or even when the machine is going down.

This error message is not exclusive to any version of Windows and may appear on any version. Users report that the error message never goes away. That is to say, even after closing it firmly, the error could still appear.

Typically, there are many error codes associated with the issue. Even though the issue has several error codes, the fix is still the same. There are several documented causes for this specific issue. Although this issue can occur in a variety of ways, there are several standard restoration techniques.

I'll be providing 7 Ways to Fix The Exception Unknown Software Exception Occurred in the Application At Location in this post. This post contains all the necessary information to resolve this problem.

Now let's get started,

1. Perform SFC scan

Another possible cause of the unknown software exception problem is corrupt system files. 


Microsoft has developed System File Checker as one of its tools for repairing faulty system files. It basically cleans your PC of all corrupt system files.

For performing SFC Scan,

  1. Open Start, type "cmd" and then select it with a right-click
  2. Select "Run as Administrator"
  3. Type the command, then hit Enter


2. Perform Clean boot

As was already indicated, this issue is frequently caused by interference from third-party applications. 


A clean boot is one technique to find out if this problem is being caused by a third-party program. 


The majority of the startup apps that run when you turn on your computer are restricted by clean boot. Most driver-related issues can also be resolved by doing a clean boot.

To carry out a clean boot,

  1. Toggle the Windows + R key
  2. Enter ''msconfig'' after typing it
  3. Navigate to the Services menu
  4. Make ensuring the option to "Hide all Microsoft services" is selected
  5. Click "Disable all"
  6. Select the Startup tab
  7. Apply pressure. Launch the task manager
  8. Choose the apps, then click Disable
  9. Click "Apply" and "Ok"

3. Uninstall Application

This issue can be caused by specific third-party apps, including VPNs and tunneling software. 


This mostly occurs when your computer's installed programs conflict with one another. If this is the case, deleting third-party apps will probably fix the problem. 


All third-party applications that you are not utilizing need to be deleted. and then give the gadget a restart to check if the problem still exists.

4. Uninstall Antivirus

It is known that certain antivirus software can prevent other installed applications from running on your PC. It is possible for certain genuine software to be prohibited. 


As a result, you should uninstall the antivirus software from your computer right away if you think it is the problem.

5. Update Windows

An operating system with improper updates will experience malfunctions and problems. 


Your computer may occasionally crash if your operating system is not updated correctly. Checking for updates is therefore a simple way to resolve the problem.

6. Perform System Restore

System restore is a feature that allows you to take your OS back to a time when your computer was operating correctly. 


If the error was caused by any recent PC modifications, this technique is quite helpful. 


However, in order to select one, you need to have a small number of restore points established. 


Use the oldest restore point to perform a restore if you are unsure of when this problem first appeared.

To carry out a system restore,

  1. Click "Windows + R" and enter "System Restore"
  2. Select the System Protection tab
  3. Select "System Restore"
  4. Tick the box "Show more restoration points''
  5. Click Next

7. Reinstall Windows

In the event that none of the aforementioned fixes have been successful, there may be underlying system issues. 


In this case, reinstalling Windows should be the only way to fix the problem. All Windows components will be reset upon reinstalling Windows. 


You should be able to save your private files and applications even though this approach results in some data loss.

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