How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows

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How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows

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How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows

For the Windows BIOS firmware, there are two ways to fix the error "Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media." These are the Legacy BIOS and the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI). The most recent PC models support UEFI because of its abundance of security features. Nonetheless, the BIOS comes pre-installed with the standard method of starting the operating system, called Legacy Boot.

The most frequent issue that users run into while switching between the two is that they occasionally can't get the Legacy mode to boot. This is a common issue that arises while installing Windows using a USB device. Consequently, the error notice may appear on the system.


Even though it seems harder to fix, you can easily fix this mistake with a few small adjustments. We will look at How to Fix Error Legacy Boot of UEFI Media in Windows in this article.

Now let's get started,

1. Modify BIOS Firmware

Most computer models have the legacy boot, or the previous default method of booting, enabled. The legacy boot will be used every time you start on the computer to locate the bootable drive. 


There are situations where the installed installation media can only support UEFI firmware. As a result, you might have to exit legacy mode and start from the UEFI, which is the most recent version.

To modify the BIOS firmware, follow these steps: 

  1. Turn on the computer
  2. Press F2 to enter the BIOS
  3. Select the Boot tab
  4. Find the UEFI and Legacy 
  5. Turn on UEFI and disable Legacy 

2. Convert MBR into GPT

You have the option of selecting an MBR or GPT partition when you initialize a drive. Since the drive uses the MBR partition, booting into legacy mode won't be possible if your computer's operating system is installed with UEFI firmware. 


You have to take the required actions there to convert it to GPT. For this purpose, third-party software as well as integrated solutions are available. But formatting of the HDD is required.

To Changing MBR to GPT,

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Quickly press the F11 key.
  3. Click on the Command Prompt
  4. Enter the commands "list disk" and "diskpart."
  5. Hit Enter on each of them (keep the disk number in mind).
  6. Enter the commands "clean," "convert mbr," and "select disk 1."
  7. Click Enter for every one of them.
  8. Restart the computer 

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