5 Ways to Fix The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent in Windows

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5 Ways to Fix The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent in Windows

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5 Ways to Fix The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent in Windows


Users of Windows 10 and previous versions are facing an issue that stops them from installing apps. That is the situation.

'' The extended attributes are inconsistent ''

Usually, another system error of ERROR_EA_LIST_INCONSISTENT system error is displayed prior to this. This error indicates that there is corruption in the operating system. This problem has been reported by certain users when they run files with administrative access. Therefore, until the problem is resolved, you cannot access any administrative programs.

The symptoms don't end there; further ones include system crashes, freezing, and lagging. or indicators such as a delay in the application launch. Even though this mistake occurs frequently, there are a few different causes. Whatever the cause, there are simple procedures to remedy this issue, so it is not permanent.

I'll be looking at 5 Ways to Fix The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent in Windows in this article. Please attempt the following fixes one after the other until you are able to repair this error.

Now let's get started,

1. Modify Sound Settings

Your machine may be experiencing an extended properties are inconsistent problem due to specific sound settings. Administrator permissions are restricted on computers that have changed their sound settings. 


Therefore, it is likely that there won't be a UAC dialogue box when it comes to administrative privileges. You must adjust the sound settings to solve this issue.

To change the sound settings,

  1. Access the Start Menu
  2.  Type "control panel"
  3. Choose Sound
  4. Select the Sound tab
  5. Choose Windows User Account Control by swiping down.
  6. Choose None from the menu drop-down.
  7. Click "Apply" and "Ok"

2. Perform Clean boot

This issue is frequently brought on by third-party apps. There are applications from third parties that can cause problems for your operating system. 


When the computer boots up, it launches automatically unless it is manually disabled. One approach to turn off all those services is to do a clean boot.

To carry out a clean boot,

  1. Toggle the Windows + R key
  2. Enter ''msconfig'' after typing it
  3. Navigate to the Services menu
  4. Make ensuring the option to "Hide all Microsoft services" is selected
  5. Click "Disable all"
  6. Select the Startup tab
  7. Press Open task manager
  8. Choose the apps, then click Disable
  9. Click "Apply" and "Ok"

3. Uninstall Third Party Apps

Consider removing a few recently installed apps rather than blocking all third-party apps. Uninstalling each one of them separately is the only method to identify the offending program. Remove the third-party antivirus software in particular.

4. Run SFC scan

In the event that your system files are corrupt, the extended attributes are inconsistent may also show up. The only thing you can do in this situation is use SFC scan to fix them. 


Windows files are scanned by System File Checker (SFC) for errors and replaced if necessary.

To run an SFC scan,

  1. Toggle the Windows + R key
  2. Enter "cmd" as the type
  3. Use the right-click menu to choose "Run as Administrator"
  4. Enter the command by typing it in and hitting Enter


5. Perform System Restore

System restore will be the last option if none of the aforementioned fixes work. Restoring your system to a previous state, when the problem was not there, is the work at hand. 


But only if you've already made a restore point prior to this problem can you use this procedure.

To carry out a system restore,

  1. Click "Windows + R" and enter "System Restore"
  2. Select the System Protection tab
  3. Select "System Restore" 
  4. Check the box "Show more restoration points''
  5. Click Next

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