Fix The Boot Configuration Data Store Could Not be Opened

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Fix The Boot Configuration Data Store Could Not be Opened

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Fix The Boot Configuration Data Store Could Not be Opened


Launch errors such as "Boot configuration data store could not be opened" are frequently encountered. The common-line tool BCDEdit. A tool called BCDEdit is used to explain how boot applications work. In essence, it has the instructions needed to properly boot your computer. This error will occur if the BCD files become corrupted or incorrect.

''The boot configuration data store could not be opened''

On Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems, this problem most frequently occurs. Sub-errors such as "the requested system device cannot be found" or "access is denied" typically accompany these.

I'll be explaining how to Fix The Boot Configuration Data Store Could Not be Opened in this article. You will be able to eliminate this error in every way by reading this post.

Now let's begin,

1. Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Higher authorization is typically the cause of this error if the boot configuration data store cannot be opened and an error notice stating "access is denied" appears. 


As an illustration, BCDEdit may carry out tasks requiring administrator access. To solve this issue, you can try running command prompt as administrator. 

To launch the Command Prompt under Administrator mode,

  1. Select the Start Menu by a click
  2. Type ''Command Prompt''
  3. If you do a right-click on that, choose "Run as administrator"
  4. Select "Yes" under the User Account Control

You can now utilize Command Prompt to carry out tasks without encountering errors. 

2. Modify Boot Order

If the partition was set incorrectly, BCDEdit may not function in some cases. The divide must be exactly as it was when it was first made. 


Changing the BIOS mode can fix the issue. It is important to keep in mind that each motherboard and its manufacturer have different BIOS mode settings. 

To change the boot order,

  1. Activate the computer
  2. To access Setup, press the appropriate key
  3. Go to the "boot" tab
  4. Determine which partition was originally used, then adjust the boot mode accordingly
  5. Click Exit to save your changes

This ought to hopefully fix the problem.

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