5 Advantages and Disadvantages of PPTP | Drawbacks & Benefits of PPTP

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of PPTP | Drawbacks & Benefits of PPTP

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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of PPTP | Drawbacks & Benefits of PPTP

A kind of networking protocol called Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is used to link several Virtual Private Networks. Developed by Microsoft, this VPN model is the most ancient one now in use. It replaced the PPTP standard and had the ability to allow tunneling.

In particular, it makes use of a set of communication rules to expand the network of businesses and guarantee that a VPN connection is managed correctly. Its degree of privacy protection is what helps it become more popular. They are frequently employed in data encryption. 

It is somewhat secure even though it is unable to provide the same level of encryption as other VPN protocols available today. Even though PPTP is an old version of the protocol, it still has a lot of advantages over other VPN protocols. Users of VPNs must be aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of PPTP.

I'll be focusing on 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of PPTP | Drawbacks & Benefits of PPTP in this post. This post will explain the pros and cons of PPTP usage.

Now let's get started,


Advantages of PPTP

1. Compatibility

From a technical standpoint, PPTP works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Additionally, a wide variety of devices support PPTP. By default, Windows supports PPTP if you have it installed on your machine. which implies that setting and installation will be considerably simpler.

2. Usability

Since PPTP does not require data encryption, setting up a protocol can be done easily. Installation of computer certificates or public key infrastructure is not necessary for this. As a result, the entire process is user-friendly.

3. Cost

When compared to other VPN protocol solutions, PPTP is thought to be incredibly affordable. This is once again because public key infrastructure and digital certificates are not needed. 


Furthermore, you don't need to be an expert to complete the installation process. With a rudimentary understanding of networking, this is doable.

4. Internet Speed

In most cases, setting up a VPN connection slows down your Internet speed over time. However, because to the poor level of encryption in the PPTP protocol, this has very little effect. PPTP guarantees fast internet speeds as a result.

5. Unblocking Content

Certain nations prohibit their TV and VOD services from streaming videos. No matter what nation you are in, you can access and unblock such contents by using the PPTP protocol. 



Disadvantages of PPTP

1. Performance

Using PPTP over erratic networks frequently results in performance problems. Connecting staff members and exchanging documents won't be a problem as long as there aren't many confidential details.

2. Security

With only 128 bit encryption available, the PPTP protocols offer relatively low security standards. 


Although this improves security a little, information can still be easily obtained by hackers using advanced hacking techniques. It is always advised to have at least 256 bit encryption because of this.

3. Reliability

Due to its lack of data integrity and data origin verification, PPTP is believed to be less dependable. This implies that you are unable to verify if the data was sent authentically and without modification. 


Furthermore, it is unable to confirm the original source. As a result, the reliability of sensitive information transmitted over this protocol needs to be questioned.

4. Firewall Restrictions

Firewalls implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) frequently identify and prohibit PPTP protocols. This is the outcome of a safety precaution.

5. NSA Cracking

There are theories that claim the NSA has cracked PPTP. Keep in mind that this is just an idea that hasn't been validated.

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